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Story Behind the Book : Volume 5 - Essays on Writing & Editing Fiction

"Story Behind the Book: Volume 5" collects over 40 essays about writing and editing fiction by some of the finest contemporary authors. 

These essays reveal vibrant and tumultuous relationship between the author and its work, and candidly explore the process of putting the story together.

Includes the following essays:

  • Story behind "The Language of Dying" by Sarah Pinborough    
  • Story behind "The Age of Ice" by J.M. Sidorova    
  • Story behind "Invent10n" by Rod Rees    
  • Story behind "A Guide for the Perplexed" by Dara Horn    
  • Story behind "Unfashioned Creatures" by Lesley McDowell    
  • Story behind "The Heat of the Sun" by David Rain    
  • Story behind "Autodrome" by Kim Lakin Smith    
  • Story behind "Cemetery Girl" by Charlaine Harris    
  • Story behind "The Cold Nowhere" by Brian Freeman    
  • Story behind "Nocturnes and Other Nocturnes" by Claude Lalumiere    
  • Story behind "The Bookman's Tale" by Charlie Lovett    
  • Story behind "The Emperor of All Things" by Paul Witcover    
  • Story behind "The Office of Mercy" by Ariel Djanikian    
  • Story behind "Bedlam" by Christopher Brookmyre    
  • Story behind "Wolves" by Simon Ings    
  • Story behind "Arcanum" by Simon Morden    
  • Story behind "The Return" by Michael Gruber    
  • Story behind "The Everness series" by Ian McDonald    
  • Story behind "The Silence" by J. Sydney Jones    
  • Story behind "Delia's Shadow" by Jaime Lee Moyer    
  • Story behind "Ghosts" by Paul Kane    
  • Story behind "Monsters in the Heart" by Stephen Volk    
  • Story behind "Autumn" by David Moody    
  • Story behind "Nightlife" by Matthew Quinn Martin    
  • Story behind "The Winter Witch" by Paula Brackston    
  • Story behind "The Magus of Hay" by Phil Rickman    
  • Story behind "The Secrets of Life and Death" by Rebecca Alexander    
  • Story behind "Queen of Nowhere" by Jaine Fenn    
  • Story behind "Last to Rise" by Francis Knight    
  • Story behind "The Incrementalists" by Steven Brust and Skyler White    
  • Story behind "Scarlet Tides" by David Hair    
  • Story behind "Apollo Quartet 3 - Then Will The Great Ocean Wash Deep Above" by Ian Sales    
  • Story behind "Hive Monkey" by Gareth L. Powell    
  • Story behind "The Never War - The Suicide Exhibition" by Justin Richards    
  • Story behind "A Dance in Blood Velvet" by Freda Warrington    
  • Story behind "Dying Is My Business" by Nicholas Kaufmann    
  • Story behind "The Rainbow Man" by P.B. Kane
  • Story behind "Moon's Artifice" by Tom Lloyd
  • Story behind "Orcs: Bad Blood" by Stan Nicholls
  • Story behind "Monsters of the Earth" by David Drake
  • Story behind "To the Fifth Power" by Shirin Dubbin
  • Story behind "Only Superhuman" by Christopher L Bennett
  • Story behind "The Choir Boats" by Daniel Rabuzzi

All proceeds will be donated to Epilepsy Action
Edited by: Kristijan Meic, Ivana Steiner.

222 pages
5.06" x 7.81" (12.852 x 19.837 cm)
Black & White on White paper

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Story Behind the Book : Volume 4 - Essays on Writing & Editing Fiction

"Story Behind the Book: Volume 4" collects nearly 40 essays about writing and editing fiction from some of the most talented authors working today.  These essays reveal intricacies and secrets behind the craft and offer a unique and unprecedented insight into the creative process.

Includes the following “Story Behind the Book” essays:

  • “The Professor of Truth” by James Robertson
  • “The Bug” by Ellen Ullman
  • “The Golem and the Jinni” by Helene Wecker
  • “The Center of the World” by Thomas Van Essen
  • “Enchantment” by Pietro Grossi
  • “The Delphi Room” by Melia McClure
  • “A Fatal Likeness“ by Lynn Shepherd
  • “The Scent of Death“ by Andrew Taylor
  • “The Map of the Sky“ by Felix J. Palma
  • “Murder by the Book“ by Eric Brown
  • “This Strange Way of Dying“ by Silvia Moreno Garcia
  • “The Broken Ones” by Stephen M. Irwin
  • “The 'Geisters“ by David Nickle
  • “Blackwater Lights“ by Michael Hughes
  • “Cain's Blood” by Geoffrey Girard
  • “Rivers“ by Michael Farris Smith
  • “Your Brother's Blood“ by David Towsey
  • “Strange Mammals“ by Jason Erik Lundberg
  • “The Carpet Makers“ by Andreas Eschbach
  • “The Ravenglass Eye“ by Tom Fletcher
  • “The One-Eyed Man“ by L. E. Modesitt Jr.
  • “Copperhead“ by Tina Connolly
  • “The Tide King“ by Jen Michalski
  • “Gallow“ by Nathan Hawke
  • “Elysian Fields“ by Suzanne Johnson
  • “Theirs Not to Reason Why“ by Jean Johnson
  • “Aliens: Recent Encounters“ by Alex Dally MacFarlane
  • “Clockwork Fairy Tales“ by Stephen L. Antczak
  • “23 Years on Fire“ by Joel Shepherd
  • “The Shifted World“ by Philippa Ballantine
  • “Bang Bang“ by Patrick Malloy
  • “Gods of Earth“ by Craig DeLancey
  • “Wisp of a Thing“ by Alex Bledsoe
  • “Dream London“ by Tony Ballantyne
  • “Persistence of Memory“ by Winona Kent
  • “Disability in Science Fiction : Representations of Technology as Cure“ by Kathryn Allan
  • “King Breaker“ by Rowena Cory Daniells
  • “Gideon Smith & the Mechanical Girl“ by David Barnett

All proceeds will be donated to Epilepsy Action
Edited by: Kristijan Meic, Ivana Steiner.

182 pages
5.06" x 7.81" (12.852 x 19.837 cm)
Black & White on White paper

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Story Behind the Book : Volume 3 - Essays on Writing Speculative Fiction

"Story Behind the Book: Volume 3" collects nearly 40 non-fiction essays from some of the most exciting authors working today. Offering an unique insight into the creative and publishing process, these essays reveal all the beauty, effort and frustration that inevitable comes hand in hand with the urge to write, edit or illustrate.

Contributors include Steven Erikson, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Hugh Howey, Richard Kadrey, Rod Rees, Christopher Fowler, Gary Gibson, Eric Brown, Anthony Ryan, Alan Averill, Ian Gibson, Garry Kilworth, Steve Rasnic Tem, Ian R. MacLeod, Cat Sparks, James Everington, Pat Cadigan, Stephen Deas, Jay Kristoff, Peter Roman, Paul Tremblay, Geoffrey Gudgion, Tina Connolly, Joan Frances Turner, Freda Warrington, Beth Bernobich, Jeff Somers, James A. Moore, Ben Jeapes, John R. Fultz, Nick Mamatas, Sean Lynch, Max Gladstone, Karen Sandler, Robert Reed, Roberto Calas, Richard James Bentley and William J. Cobb.

Similarly to previous installments, our cover image was taken by Ivana in her lab. This time it's fluorescent micrograph of acridine orange and propidium iodide double-stained human non-small cell lung cancer cells (H460).

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Table of Contents:

  1. Story behind „The Demi-Monde“ by Rod Rees
  2. Story behind “Salvage” by Eric Brown
  3. Story behind “The Beautiful Land” by Alan Averill
  4. Story Behind “The Ballad of Halo Jones” by Ian Gibson
  5. Story behind “Kill City Blues” by Richard Kadrey
  6. Story behind “The Shoal Sequence” by Gary Gibson
  7. Story behind “The Fabulous Beast” by Garry Kilworth
  8. Story behind “Celestial Inventories” by Steve Rasnic Tem
  9. Story behind “Shadows of the Apt” by Adrian Tchaikovsky
  10. Story behind „The Summer Isles“ by Ian R. MacLeod
  11. Story behind “The Bride Price” by Cat Sparks
  12. Story behind “Falling Over” by James Everington
  13. Story behind “Age of Godpunk” by James Lovegrove
  14. Story behind “Forge of Darkness” by Steven Erikson
  15. Story behind “Plastic” by Christopher Fowler
  16. Story behind “Chalk” by Pat Cadigan
  17. Story behind “Kinslayer” by Jay Kristoff
  18. Story behind “The Mona Lisa Sacrifice” by Peter Roman
  19. Story behind “Dust” by Hugh Howey
  20. Story behind “Swallowing a Donkey’s Eye” by Paul Tremblay
  21. Story behind “Blood Song” by Anthony Ryan
  22. Story behind “Dragon Queen” by Stephen Deas
  23. Story behind “Saxon’s Bane” by Geoffrey Gudgion
  24. Story behind “Ironskin” by Tina Connolly
  25. Story behind “Dust” by Joan Frances Turner
  26. Story behind “A Taste of Blood Wine” by Freda Warrington
  27. Story behind “Allegiance” by Beth Bernobich
  28. Story behind “Trickster” by Jeff Somers
  29. Story behind “Seven Forges” by James A. Moore
  30. Story behind Phoenicia’s Worlds by Ben Jeapes
  31. Story behind “The Revelations of Zang” by John R. Fultz
  32. Story behind “Bullettime” by Nick Mamatas
  33. Story behind “Wounded Prey” by Sean Lynch
  34. Story behind “Clean Burn” by Karen Sandler
  35. Story behind “Three Parts Dead” by Max Gladstone
  36. Story behind “Marrow” by Robert Reed
  37. Story behind “The Scourge” and “The Scourge Nostrum” by Roberto Calas
  38. Story behind “Greenbeard” by Richard James Bentley
  39. Story behind “The Bird Saviors” by William J. Cobb

Story Behind the Book : Volume 2 - Essays on Writing Speculative Fiction

"Story Behind the Book: Volume 2" collects over 30 non-fiction essays from some of the most exciting authors working today. Chronicling the process of writing and editing speculative fiction, these essays provide a unique glimpse behind the scenes.

Contributors include Ellen Ullman, S.M. Wheeler, Laurie Frankel, Paul McAuley, Marcus Sakey, Neal Asher, Ian Tregillis, Edward M. Lerner, Will McIntosh, Madeline Ashby, Nina Allan, Ken Scholes, Keith Brooke, Jasper Kent, Yoon Ha Lee, Ted Kosmatka, Daniel Abraham, Erin Hoffman, Samuel Sattin, Jack Skillingstead, Douglas Nicholas, Paul Tobin, Jill Shultz, Jay Posey, Eric Brown, Samit Basu, Gina X. Grant, Elizabeth Massie, Tom Vater, Django Wexler, Bradley Beaulieu, Jason M. Hough, Lou Morgan, Paul S. Kemp.

In line with our previous collection, cover art for Volume 2 is a photograph of Hoechst stained non-small cell lung cancer cell. All proceeds from Volume 2 will be donated to Epilepsy Action.

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Table of Contents:

  1. Story behind „By Blood“ by Ellen Ullman
  2. Story behind „Sea Change“ by S.M. Wheeler
  3. Story behind „Goodbye for Now“ by Laurie Frankel
  4. Story behind „Quiet War“ - „How I wrote the Quiet War novels and stories“ by Paul McAuley
  5. Story behind „Brilliance“– „Autism, Bourbon and Lies“ by Marcus Sakey
  6. Story behind „Zero Point“ by Neal Asher
  7. Story behind „Necessary Evil“ by Ian Tregillis
  8. Story behind „Fate of Worlds“ - "Forty-two years in the making" by Edward M. Lerner
  9. Story behind Love Minus Eighty“ by Will McIntosh
  10. Story behind „iD“ by Madeline Ashby
  11. Story behind „Stardust“ by Nina Allan
  12. Story behind „Requiem“ by Ken Scholes
  13. Story behind „Lord of Stone“ by Keith Brooke
  14. Story behind „The People's Will“ by Jasper Kent
  15. Story behind „Conservation of Shadows“ by Yoon Ha Lee
  16. Story behind „Prophet of Bones“ - "A World Where Creationists Were Right" by Ted Kosmatka
  17. Story behind „The Dagger and the Coin“ by Daniel Abraham
  18. Story behind „Shield of Sea and Space“ by Erin Hoffman
  19. Story behind „League of Somebodies“ by Samuel Sattin
  20. Story behind „Life on the Preservation“ by Jack Skillingstead
  21. Story behind „Something Red“ by Douglas Nicholas
  22. Story behind „Prepare to Die“ by Paul Tobin
  23. Story behind „Angel on the Ropes“ by Jill Shultz
  24. Story behind „Three“ by Jay Posey
  25. Story behind „Satan's Reach“ by Eric Brown
  26. Story behind „Turbulence“ by Samit Basu
  27. Story behind „The Reluctant Reaper“ by Gina X. Grant
  28. Story behind „Desper Hollow“ by Elizabeth Massie
  29. Story behind „The Cambodian Book of the Dead“ by Tom Vater
  30. Story behind „The Thousand Names“ by Django Wexler
  31. Story behind „The Flames of Shadam Khoreh“ by Bradley Beaulieu
  32. Story behind „The Darwin Elevator“ by Jason M. Hough
  33. Story behind „Blood and Feathers: Rebellion“ by Lou Morgan
  34. Story behind „A Discourse in Steel“ by Paul S. Kemp

Story Behind the Book : Volume 1 - Essays on Writing Speculative Fiction

"Story Behind the Book : Volume 1" collects nearly 40 non-fiction essays on writing and editing speculative fiction written by some of the most exciting authors and editors. Essays cover everything from getting an initial creative burst, worldbuilding, tackling writer's block, to the final process of publication. Some of the essays are personal, some rather technical but all of them, without an exception, provide an unique and fascinating insight into the mind of an author.

Contributors include Ian Whates, Michael Logan, Mathieu Blais and Joel Casseus, Mark T. Barnes, Lisa Jensen, Lee Battersby, L. E. Modesitt Jr., Keith Brooke, Joanne Anderton, Jo Walton, F.R. Tallis, Ian R. MacLeod, Guy Haley, Gavin Smith, Francis Knight, Eric Brown, Clifford Beal, Susan Palwick, Rhiannon Held, Ben Jeapes, Nina Allan, Mike Shevdon, Mur Lafferty, Norman Lock, Seth Patrick, Gemma Malley, Freda Warrington, Freya Robertson and more.

All proceeds will be donated to Epilepsy Action.

Order your copy here:
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Table of Contents:

  1. Story behind „Story Behind the Book“ by Kristijan Meic
  2. Story behind „Solaris Rising 2“ - In Praise of Short Stories by Ian Whates
  3. Story behind „Apocalypse Cow“ by Michael Logan
  4. Story behind „Zippo“ by Mathieu Blais and Joel Casseus
  5. Story behind „The Garden of Stones“ by Mark T. Barnes
  6. Story behind „Alias Hook“ by Lisa Jensen
  7. Story behind „The Marching Dead“ - Making the Dead Angry by Lee Battersby
  8. Story behind „Antiagon Fire“ - The Antiagon Fire That Almost Wasn’t by L. E. Modesitt Jr.
  9. Story behind „Genetopia“ - A short story a novel and seventeen years of writing by Keith Brooke
  10. Story behind „The Bone Chime Song and Other Stories“ by Joanne Anderton
  11. Story behind „Ha'Penny“ by Jo Walton
  12. Story behind „Everautumn“ by Darrell Drake
  13. Story behind „The Sleep Room“ by F.R. Tallis
  14. Story behind „Snodgrass“ - In From the Cold by Ian R. MacLeod
  15. Story behind „Crash“ by Guy Haley
  16. Story behind „The Age of Scorpio“ by Gavin Smith
  17. Story behind „Before The Fall“ by Francis Knight
  18. Story behind „The Serene Invasion“ by Eric Brown
  19. Story behind „Gideon's Angel“ - Summoning Gideon's Angel by Clifford Beal
  20. Story behind „The Light Heart of Stone“ by Tor Roxburgh
  21. Story behind „Mending the Moon“ by Susan Palwick
  22. Story behind „Fargoer“ by Petteri Hannila
  23. Story behind „Tarnished“ by Rhiannon Held
  24. Story behind „Jeapes Japes“ by Ben Jeapes
  25. Story behind „Spin“ by Nina Allan
  26. Story behind „The Eighth Court“ by Mike Shevdon
  27. Story behind „The Shambling Guide to New York City“ by Mur Lafferty
  28. Story behind „Love Among the Particles“ by Norman Lock
  29. Story behind „Reviver“ by Seth Patrick
  30. Story behind „'Set“ by Luke Walker
  31. Story behind „The Disapearances“ by Gemma Malley
  32. Story behind „Aria“ by Geoff Nelder
  33. Story behind „Grail of the Summer Stars“ by Freda Warrington
  34. Story behind „Where Madness Roosts“ by Darrell Drake
  35. Story behind „Tor's Quest“ series by Trudie Collins
  36. Story behind „His Majesty's Starship“ by Ben Jeapes
  37. Story behind „Heartwood“ and „The Elemental Wars“ by Freya Robertson
  38. Story behind „Children of the New Era“ by Meinos Kaen
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