Deborah Christian - Splintegrate cover art and synopsis reveal

Beautiful cover art for the upcoming Deborah Christian book Splintegrate is here as well as interesting synopsis. The book is scheduled to be published in March 2014 by Tor Books.

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The long-awaited next book set in the world of critically acclaimed science fiction novel MainlinePromising SF and fantasy writer Deborah Teramis Christian published several successful novels in the late 1990s, then took a hiatus from writing to focus on other pursuits. Now she's back with a rousing stand-alone sequel to fan favorite Mainline.One of the many charms of planet Lyndir is the Between-World, home to the licensed entertainers of the Sa'adani Empire. Perhaps the most famous is Kes, a professional dominatrix who has become a celebrity attraction at a palatial dungeon called Tryst.The infamous interplanetary political operative Janus was the last man standing when his business fell apart on Selmun III, and is now a major cog in Lyndir's political machine. He's also one of Kes's most devoted clients. When a high-powered imperial authority decides she wants him out of the way, the seductive domna Kes is the most logical avenue. She would never betray a client's trust, but the threat to her and her Sa'adani sisters is so great that eventually she is forced to get involved.Imprisoned, altered against her will, and turned into a brutal weapon by the highly experimental Splintegrate cloning technology, Kes is at war with herself as everything she holds dear falls apart around her. It will take an enormous triumph of will and help from some unlikely avenues for Kes to even hope to survive the government's machinations and pursue the independence she has yearned for throughout her life.

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