Jonathan Grimwood (Jon Courtenay Grimwood) - The Last Banquet announced!

We all know what a fantastic writer Jon Courtenay Grimwood is so we can't help but feel excited that he is making his first forays into the literary novels with the sale of his novel The Last Banquet to Canongate. Book is expect to come in Summer 2013 under the name Jonathan Grimwood but we already have some glimpses of the plot. It will be a historical novel, set in the 18th century France and will follow the life of Jean-Marie Charles d'Aumout, an orphan, military cadet, Enlightenment hero and chef.

For longer synopsis:

One man’s search for the perfect taste set between the death of the Sun King and the start of the French Revolution, against a backdrop of the rise of Enlightenment and the collapse of the ancien régime. It is a story of obsession, revolution and recipes.

Spanning eighteenth century France, The Last Banquet is the memoir of Jean-Marie d’Aumout, orphan, military cadet, aristocrat, gastronome and owner of the finest menagerie in France outside of Versailles. We follow his fortunes from beetle-eating poverty to the courtship of his best friend’s sister and his rise to fame. 

It deals with his friendship with American revolutionary Ben Franklin, his correspondence with Voltaire and de Sade, and his part in the fall of the republic of Corsica, where he goes in search of a feted but highly unusual cheese. As France begins to fall under the grip of revolution, Jean-Marie seeks refuge in undiscovered dishes and wayward recipes, half welcoming, half fearful of the coming destruction, and the rebirth for society that he hopes will lie beyond.

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