Paul McAuley announces A Very British History, table of contents unveiled

Paul McAuley has announced a very exciting release which will see the light in 2013. A Very British History (if that is the title) is the Best Of retrospective short story collection spanning the period of over twenty-five years. Book will be published by PS publishing and will come in different flavors such as limited signed edition, and a special lettered edition, with extra material, including an introduction by Alastair Reynolds.

Here's table of contents:

  1. 'Little Ilya and Spider and Box' (1985)
  2. 'The Temporary King' (1987)
  3. ‘Cross Road Blues' (1991)
  4. ‘Gene Wars' (1991)
  5. 'Prison Dreams' (1992)
  6. 'Children of the Revolution' (1993)
  7. 'Recording Angel' (1995)
  8. 'Second Skin' (1997)
  9. ‘All Tomorrow's Parties' (1997)
  10. '17' (1998)
  11. 'Sea Change, With Monsters' (1998)
  12. 'How We Lost the Moon, A True Story by Frank W. Allen' (1999)
  13. 'A Very British History' (2000)
  14.  'The Two Dicks' (2001)
  15. ‘Meat’ (2005)
  16. ‘Rocket Boy’ (2007)
  17. ‘The Thought War’ (2008)
  18. ‘City of the Dead’ (2008)
  19. ‘Little Lost Robot’ (2008)
  20. ‘Shadow Life’ (2009)
  21. ‘The Choice’ (2011)
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