REVIEW : Brian Francis Slattery - Lost Everything

I'll be honest and say right away that I discovered Brian Francis Slattery quite by accident. As I was browsing through books at a sale, I was captivated by the cover art of his first two books and when I saw that they had interesting story, I've bought them for next to nothing. After they collected dust for a bit on my to-read bookshelf, I've finally took time to read them. I've really loved them both, especially Liberation so it's no surprise that I was eagerly anticipating the release of Lost Everything.

However, "Lost Everything" is a different kettle of fish. Though on the surface "Lost Everything" might seem like Brian and Tor are jumping on the postapocalyptic bandwagon created by books such as Hunger Games, Lost Everything is much more serious and clever book more in vein of The Road than the former. 

Telling the story of Sunny Jim, man on the run from the militia, on his travels through three various settings, Lost Everything is dark and gloomy read. It's pages are filled right to the top with devastated landscapes, death and overall hopelessness bringing about sense of unease. And to be perfectly honest I did find "Lost Everything" a bit too dark but if you are in the mood for dark postapocalyptic story then you can't go wrong with Brian Francis Slattery's latest.

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