REVIEW : David Gaider - Dragon Age : The Silent Grove

I think that there's is no need to do a special introduction for Dragon Age but in case you have been living under the rock for these last few years, Dragon Age is an excellent story driven fantasy role playing game. Over the years, a certain cult status has appeared around the original Dragon Age game so it's no wonder that the game made leap into other media including comics and books. The Silent Grove is one such example.

Taking place some time after the events described in the original game, we follow the story of king Alastair Theirin who is embarking on the search to find his long lost father King Maric. Contrary to the game, Alastair is no longer just a boy/young man unsure of his destiny, but a royal brash with a taste for fighting. To tell the truth, this in itself is a welcome change as I didn't particulary like Alastair in the game.

Following Alastair on his dangerous quest, we get pirate Isabela and merchant Varric Tethras. Add to the mix bunch of assassins, new witch of the wilds and lots of dragons and you get quite decent fantasy story which grips you right from the first page.

All in all, this short graphic novel is a worthy addition to the Dragon Age lore and is not to be missed. We are eagerly awaiting further volumes.

Dragon Age - The Silent Grove will be published on August 7 in hardcover by Dark Horse comics
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