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In our opinion, Eric Brown is one of the most underrated and best writers working in science fiction today. Regular as a clockwork, Brown has been publishing two books a year for as long as I can remember and without fault all of them were exciting and interesting stories. The peak was reached with 2011 HG Wells-que novel called The Kings of Eternity which was so good that I expected that it could be the one that would bring Brown to wider audiences. Sadly that didn't really happen but luckily Brown is as unstoppable as well and Serene Invasion is the latest offering.

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Published by Solaris Books, The Serene Invasion is exactly the type of book that you would expect to get from Brown and Solaris. The story is set on Earth in 2025 and deal with the planet on it's death throes. The problems we are facing today, such as wars and general poverty, are extrapolated to extremes and the struggle for natural resources has reached peak levels. In the middle of all this, The Serene appear. The Serene are an alien race from Delta Pavonis V and are promising elegant solution to problems that our ailing planet is facing. However, things end up being far from being simple. There are still lots of those opposing the changes and quickly we are caught in the whirlwind of the story.

As always, Brown writes fresh and simple prose that pushes the plot effortlessly forward and at the end of the day this was exactly the type of book I needed. Clear, hopeful and optimistic science fiction at it's best.

The Serene Invasion is available now.
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