REVIEW : Freda Warrington - Grail of the Summer Stars

Grail of the Summer Stars is third and concluding book in the fantastic fantasy Aetherial Tales trilogy by Freda Warrington and we're happy to report that Freda finished things on a high.

Grail of the Summer Stars revolves around Stevie Silverwood, deputy curator of a museum of metalwork in Birmingham with a talent for seeing things. One day, out of the blue, her long lost college heartthrob Daniel sends her a cryptic note with accompanying triptych of paintings made in Byzantine style which suddenly, after the break-in, goes missing. Search for Daniel and the paintings lead Stevie and Adam Leitht (being another aspect of Aetherial prince Mistangamesh, reincarnated into new form following a catastrophic conflict with his brother Rufus) unthinkable lengths and soon they're involved in the plot that threatens both Earth and the Spiral.

The whole Aetherial Tales series can be read in any order you prefer and Grail of the Summer Stars is no exception, but our suggestion is that you read the books in publication order as quite a few tiny threads are explained and solved in the final part, making the overarching story so much better. As always, the biggest strength of Aetherial Tales lies is rich imagery brought to life by Freda's lush and vibrant writing. Deep themes and sheer sense of otherworldliness make the whole Aetherial Tales series completely unique and when you add to this the excellent characters that feel real, you're in for a great ride.

Grail of the Summer Stars is excellent addition to the series and even though we are told that this is the concluding part of Aetherial Tales, we would ask for more of the same, please? A wonderful book!

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