REVIEW : Greg Bear - Silentium (Forerunner Saga)

If you haven't been living on an isolated island in the Pacific for the last fifteen years, you have probably heard about Halo - super successful franchise that Microsoft built around the series of Xbox games. Today, there are Halo comics, action figurines, movies, cartoons and most importantly for us, books. So far, there have been quite a few Halo books which were written with varying degree of success but The Forerunner Saga was particularly interesting because the writer behind it is none other than the scifi legend Greg Bear. 

Tackling the huge and extensive Halo universe seemed like a perfect task for Bear who is known for his meticulous eye for detail and big projects but since Bear is also known for his uneven writing, we were welcoming each new installment of the trilogy with both trepidation and expectation. So first part of the trilogy Cryptum was great, Bear wrestles the Halo universe from fresh angle with great vigor, successfully bringing it into the field of space opera. 
Second book was unfortunately not so good - it was very disjointed and confusing so the final part could've gone either way. However, when the coin dropped it was soon clear that Silentium is really good. The release date was perfectly timed to fit Halo 4 so if you know the Halo story, you should know that the whole The Forerunner Saga sits sometime before the Master Chief came into Requiem and that it leads directly into and runs along the events depicted in Halo 4 (disclaimer - I haven't yet played Halo 4 I was talking with mates about it). Silentium finds the Forerunner empire in quite a bit of trouble. The Flood is at it's way and as the blurb says, the chaos rules. We follow Didact struggling to somehow find a way to defeat Flood. We are also introduced to the journey of Librarian and crew traveling to Path Kethona looking for Flood origins. Apart from these troubling events, the best part of the Silentium is that through the story it answers lots of questions raised in previous games and books, bringing to conclusion the whole parts of Halo canon.  

To conclude, The Forerunner Saga makes essential reading for any Halo fan. Bear has accomplished something nearly impossible and successfully managed to weave together multiple threads dating back to the original trilogy while, at the same time, leaving space for more books and games. And here lies the biggest thing. We wholeheartedly propose Bear as a resident Halo book writer because from this perspective we think that hardly any other writer would have done such fine job. Well done!

Silentium by Greg Bear is available now by TorUK.
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