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Before I've read Milkweed Triptych by Ian Tregillis, it seemed extremely unlikely that I'll ever encounter the situation where I'll be able to use terms like bionic Nazis, Cthulhu-like monsters, supermen, warlocks and world war 2 together in any meaningful context. However, luckily both Ian and his publishers were brave enough to follow through his, without question completely insane, idea and the resulting Milkweed Triptych is an astonishing achievement because, strangely, it all makes sense in the end.

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Last part of the triptych, Necessary Evil, ends things on the high. Kicking off almost exactly where The Coldest War ended, Necessary Evil finds Raybould Marsh transported 20 years in the past, trying to change the course of history. Revolving around three separate points of view, Tregillis tells the story using two distinct versions of Marsh and Gretel who can see into the future.  

As the story progresses, stories and characters are becoming more disjointed, with the chaotic final chapters revealing unexpected car crash towards which all three books were heading to. I must admit that I was completely surprised by the events and it literary takes a significant effort to stop myself talking about what happened here. Sadly, spoilers would indeed ruin the book.

True power of Tregillis' writing is the fact that, usually, by the middle of one of his books, your conscious brain decides to let go and stop seeing anything weird in the fact that you are just reading about warlocks in second world war. Necessary Evil is no different. Same as the rest of the trilogy, Necessary Evil feels more like alternative history novel than like a far-fetched fantasy and that is a huge accomplishment in itself.

Necessary Evil is great ending to excellent and innovative series. We will be keeping close eye on Tregillis in the future - he probably has thousands more of those insane ideas to tell and we want to read them.

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