REVIEW : Indigo Prime - Anthropocalypse

Some 10 years before Grant Morrison will embark on his epic Vertigo comic series Invisibles, John Smith and all readers of 2000AD had Indigo Prime. Running along similar lines but much more accessible, Indigo Prime is an extra-dimensional agency dealing with repairing breaks and distortions across the multiverse. Spending days in their base situated outside multiverse and time itself, Indigo Prime agents ended up doing some of the strangest adventures I had pleasure to read. Sadly, first run of Indigo Prime ceased publication in 1993 but quite unexpectedly in 2008 John Smith returned with Dead Eyes. 

Dead Eyes starts rather inconspicuously with the British soldier being a mission in Iraq. Caught in the gas attack, soldier ends up back in at Porton Down (military science park) in England where he is subjected to numerous experiments. Soon enough strange lights appear in the sky and other multiverses start (along with Neanderthals with a panache for telepathy) to leak through. By the last page of Dead Eyes I got this huge grin when I realised where this is all going and that somehow John Smith managed to bring Indigo Prime back in the 2000AD fold. It wouldn't be fair if we didn't mention fantastic art by Lee Carter, which is definitely some of the best I have ever seen in 2000AD. Gloomy and murky colouring definitely matches the chaos and uneasy sense of the reality going bonkers.

Skip forward to 2011 and this time John Smith is back with two full fledged Indigo Prime stories. Both of them, "Everything and More" and "Anthropocalypse" are simply amazing. "Everything and More" deals with Danny's introduction to Indigo Prime and his multiple psychotic failures while dealing with his new found reality while "Anthropocalypse" is unique mind-bending trip trough multiverse. As ever, art is simply unbelievably good.

Leaving a space for more stories, "Anthropocalypse" is stunning collection from some of the most talented British writers and artists. We just hope that this time we won't have to wait 10 years for more.

Indigo Prime:Anthropocalypse is available now by 2000AD
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