REVIEW : James Lovegrove - Age of Voodoo (Pantheon)

James Lovegrove's Pantheon series is a strange beast. The novels and novellas published so far are only related in the sense through the fact that they all feature gods in one shape or another and, if they didn't have the standard "Age of" part of the title you would be forgiven for mistaking them for completely unrelated pieces of work. However, there is one constant that always stands behind the names Lovegrove and Pantheon. You can always expect a cracking good read. Latest (is it fifth novel already?) addition to the series, Age of Voodoo, is no different. 

Coming out on February 26th by Solaris Books in both UK and US, Age Of Voodoo is set around, well you've probably guessed it from the title, Voodoo and Samedi. Stepping back from full-on military SF and alternative history, Age of Voodoo is more of a straight affair and follows the retired specialist Lex Dove who receives the call while sipping cocktails in the Caribbean. Leaving life of leisure behind, he must take one last mission leading American black ops team into the heart of the abandoned Cold War bunker. However, the unthinkable happens and Lex Dove is pushed into the strange world of voodoo, monsters and all sorts of complications. As is always the case with Pantheon books, Age of Voodoo is bursting with insane action and frantic pace with lots of background information so before you know it, the story will sweep you from your feet and you'll be taken for the exciting ride. 

So - if you've somehow missed Pantheon series and want to give it a go (you should!), Age of Voodoo is great place to start. You're definitely in for a treat if you like this kind of story.

Age of Voodoo by James Lovegrove on February 26th by Solaris Books

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