REVIEW : Jo Anderton - Suited

This review was originally scheduled to be written about a month ago but due to the unfortunate circumstances it had to wait until today. Unfortunate circumstances in this case were that I was too busy to read first book in the series before tackling second (naively, I though I could handle it) and I've ended up being completely confused by what was going on. So I've done what anyone reasonable enough would do and broke the deadline. I've tracked back, finished Debris (which I btw completely adored, expect a review soon) and started Suited once more with fresh enthusiasm. So friendly advice, don't start reading trilogies in the middle - especially this one. 

Suited is a logical continuation to Debris. Following the end events of the first book in the series, Tanyana now has a debris collector suit and learns to use it - working collecting debris. Contrary to the Debris in which Tanyana was caught in circumstances which were, frankly, way over her head, in Suited, Tanyana is bursting with new found confidence and often takes the control of situation. Puppet Men are always nearby and she doesn't know why but she's not going to let things rest. Also, the suit is not behaving exactly as you would expect it to. And if things weren't complicated enough, another new thing is the ever developing romantic situation (and tension) between Tanyana and Kichlan. As you can see, Anderson continued the trend from Debris and there are quite a lot plots and subplots going at the same time. Still, the writing doesn't feel rushed or over-complicated. I've completely enjoyed the plot development and character background information. Similar to Debris, story moves in waves and waves, leading up to the final climax 

Also, not to forget, we are also happy to report that Anderton didn't lost any of her amazing weirdness while world building. Movoc-under-Keeper is amazing place and Anderton expanded even more the premise described in Debris.  

All in all, Suited is worthy sequel to Debris and Anderton's great writing promises many great things to come! We can't wait for the final part of the trilogy.

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