REVIEW : Joanne Anderton - The Bone Chime Song and Other Stories

Our love affair with the writings of Joanne Anderton started with the two novels she got published by Angry Robot Books (Debris and Suited). Both were simply stunning and completely blurred the way between fantasy and science fiction in truly new and extraordinary way. Bone Chime Song and other stories is (as the name itself says) a short story collection and collects 13 stories written over the last couple of years. But the best part is that even though the collection combines stories writter from wide range of purposes, they work so well together.

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Opening and Ditmar nominated "The Bone Chime Song" deals with bones and echoes from the past they bring. It is a beautiful and sad tale of Casimir and the past catching up with him with horrible consequences. "Mah Song" and "Out Hunting For Teeth" are two sides of the same coins and both deal with the subject Joanne does particularly well - the co-existence and integration between organics, mechanical and electronic devices. "Sanaa's Army" and "Always a Price", which are both straightforward horror stories, are some of the most frightening stories I had pleasure to read.

My favourite two stories in the collection are based around life in small town situated in isolated outback, and the way things can go wrong in a spectacular way. "Shadow of Drought" is reminiscent of Doctor Who stories featuring Weeping Angels and is just as good as them, while "From the Dry Heart to the Sea", which is also set in a small town, and revolves around dry ferry and a river, deals with similar matter in a slightly different way. Simply fantastic!

Lastly, I would just like mention how fantastic the book looks - "The Bone Chime Song and other stories" is one of those books that make you feel so damn cool just by holding them in your hands.

All told, "The Bone Chime Song and other stories" is amazing short story collection, which even though it brings together stories from different genres, works so well on so many levels.

"The Bone Chime Song and other stories"
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