REVIEW : Jon Courtenay Grimwood - The Exiled Blade

Jon Courtenay Grimwood is one of my favourite writers so every new book of his is a treat to enjoy. The Exiled Blade which just came out a couple of weeks ago is the third and final part of the excellent and unexpected The Assassini trilogy. If you don't know by now, The Assassini is an alternative history series which offers an innovative take on 15th century Venetian politics and history. Filled with intrigue and truly amazing characterization both The Outcast Blade and The Fallen Blade were really great once you got used to vampires, werewolves and what-nots. 

The Exiled Blade continues the story by putting Lady Giulietta and her lover Lord Tycho in the middle of the way of quite insane Prince Alonzo - traitor and exiled regent. Tycho is ready to do just about anything to save Lady Giulietta but once the harshest winter in known history hits Venice, even the destiny of the city itself is in question. Caught between the rock and hard place, Tycho, the trained assassin, must choose between the two things he loves most. There is something really frightening and strange when you think about Venice locked under the chains of ice. Fantastic stuff.

If you haven't read Grimwood before, you should know that this is not your standard alternative history / fantasy fare. Grimwood writes lush and literary books whatever the genre, and throughout the whole series he made life in 15th century Venice feel fantastically real. Paired with excellent and exciting story, The entire Assissini trilogy turned out to be amazingly accomplished piece of work and since there are quite a few unexplored threads at the end of the story, I can't help hoping Grimwood will continue the series and lead us down the murky waters of Venice once more.

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