REVIEW : Judge Dredd Day of Chaos - Fourth Faction

If you spent your childhood in the UK at any time during the last twenty years or so, there is a big chance you were quite obsessive about Judge Dredd comics. That is, if your parent did let you read it. Judge Dredd is not your ordinary comic. It's brutal and more often than not deals with uneasy topics. Last years event called Day of Chaos, written by one of the original series co-creators John Wagner, is perfect example why Judge Dredd still stands the test of time. 

Being first out of three volumes which will chronicle Day of Chaos, Fourth Faction is excellent introduction to the story. Things turn nasty instantly from the opening pages with the kidnapping of the scientist who holds secret of deadly virus with 99,8% killing efficacy. If that is not enough, there is also assassin Nadia, the upcoming Election Day and PJ Maybe's devilish plan.  

However, the best bits in the collection are short stories that are not at first glance directly related to the overarching plot. Out of these, story featuring creepy take on flashmobing where out of nowhere people appear and literally stone random someone to death is especially creepy.

Day of Chaos - Fourth Faction is pleasure to read and we're holding our breath for the next two installments coming soon from 2000AD Graphic Novels.

Day of Chaos - Fourth Faction is available now from 2000AD Graphic Novels.
Thanks to Rebellion for providing a review copy.

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