REVIEW : Keith Brooke - Lord of Stone

When Keith Brooke is concerned Lord of Stone is probably the one that got away. If we understood Keith correctly, Lord of Stone was supposed to be his fourth Gollancz book for Keith but since Gollancz at that time went through such turmoil, the book was left behind and didn't come out until 2001 (1997 if you count online edition - Keith is one of the pioneer of e-publishing). Such was life that even people who really like Keith's writing (like us) haven't been able to track it down until recently. 

However, being hard to find is not something a book like Lord of Stone should be. Behind the dystopian setting where world and numberless innocents are caught in the middle of the civil war, Brooke went one step further and delivered a powerful work in which the main protagonist Bligh must come to terms with becoming, well basically, one of the deities. Brooke is an excellent writer who knows how to describe unease and meaninglessness of everyday life under war. It's world where no one really knows why or what are they doing but are nevertheless just pushing forward at the front lines because someone said that they should do so.

There are glimpses of hope here and there in terms of love affair between Bligh and Madeleine but this is not that kind of book. Real as always, Brooke's Lord of Stone is gritty, clever and thought provoking. Well recommended!

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