REVIEW : Last God Standing by Michael Boatman

I must admit that apart from the occasional episode I don't really know the television work of Michael Boatman. As you can guess, I'm more of a book person but despite being set in my book ways I have noticed that Boatman is an accomplished and successful actor with an impressive track record. What I didn't know is that he is also a writer best known for his splatterpunk horror short stories. He is notable for his insane flavour of humour usually divide readers right in half - some adore it while others are simply disgusted. Here's an example from Wikipedia:

“the mattress smelled like the septic tanks behind the Mexican abortion clinic at high tide"”

I haven't read any of the short stories in question but judging by this one and some other quotes, they're pretty out there.

Last God Standing is Boatman's first publication for our favourite mechanic purveyors of fine literature, Angry Robot Books and this time around it looks like he has toned down his sharp tongue. When God abdicates and decides to join the human race, he desides to do the only logical thing - join the comedy circuit. But it's not all "Michael McIntyre comedy roadshow". There's new god on the block and all Hell is breaking loose. But there's also a tiny cop-out. Despite being essentially human, God still retained his godlike powers and is on the collision course. If only he managed to sort out the relationship with his girlfriend first.

The idea of God joining the ranks of humanity is not particularly new and countless tales have explored this, if well written, interesting premise. Boatman decides to go about it in a way which is less Mike Carey or Neil Gaiman but more Tom Holt or Terry Prachett. I've had plenty of chuckles along the way and Boatman definitely knows how to keep the frantic pace going. The story just flows and is at times pretty chaotic as Boatman's style doesn't leave much space for lengthy descriptions. I've also loved the final conflict which would look absolutely fantastic in a Hollywood blockbuster. For me, "Last God Standing" was an enjoyable book which, while not being perfect, marks Boatman as an interesting author with a huge potential. It'll be interesting seeing where he goes next. One thing is certain - I'm sure it'll be mad as hell. 

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