REVIEW : Paul S Kemp - The Hammer and The Blade

"You can't judge a book by its cover" is a rule that generally works just fine, but when I saw "The Hammer and The Blade" cover art I kinda knew right away what kind of book I will be reading. 

"The Hammer and The Blade" showcases the ongoing adventures of Egil (occupation - priest) and Nix The Quick (occupation - thief) and as far as the plot goes, the best thing to mention at this point is that book has the synopsis that reads "Kill The Demon, Steal The Treasure, Retire To The Life of Luxury". That is exactly the description of what you are going to get, except for the fact that they don't get to retire that easily. Forget clever and complicated political plot and world building, or the 1000+ page fantasy epics, this is pure gritty sword & sorcery story that sometimes feels like it came from another time. 

And even though I never particulary liked these kind of stories, I must say I really enjoyed The Hammer and The Blade exactly for the reason that it is not complicated. There's killing, dungeons, tombs and demons. What more do you need?

So, my advice is, next time you feel like reading a good adventure, give latest book from Paul S Kemp a try.

"The Hammer and The Blade" is published on 26th June 2012 by Angry Robot Books.

You can order your copy here

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