REVIEW : Stephen Hunt - The Kingdom Beyond the Waves (Jackelian #2)

First part of the Jackelian series by Stephen Hunt, The Court of Air, had many faults. Despite the great premise, excellent worldbuilding and memorable characters, hardly anyone could follow ten million simultaneous plots that were going on at all times. Because of that, I'm more than happy to say that it's sequel The Kingdom Beyond the Waves is great piece of work. To large extent, faults of the debut are left behind and great storytelling has got even better.

The Kingdom Beyond the Waves is Jules Vernesque type of fantasy adventure. We mainly follow professor Amelia Harsh through her obsession of finding the lost civilization of Camlantis (see what he done here?) which is a legendary utopian city lost in the clouds. Being a maverick historian, Amelia is not in good favors with the scientific peers and is therefore forced to enter the devil's partnership with Abraham Quest, visionary businessman and inventor.

Enter steampunk, robots, airships, jungle battles, air battles and ultimately The Kingdom Beyond the Waves offers great enjoyable ride with great ending.

Well recommended!

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