REVIEW : Tobias S Buckell - Arctic Rising

In his new book "Arctic Rising", Tobias S. Buckell has touched upon the topic which, these days, is close to everyone's heart. It is, as you can probably guess from the title, global warning. Global warning has put the humanity in the extremely uneasy position and despite the jury still being out there about whether we will manage to get our act together, in the recent years this situation has proven to be extremely fruitful platform for writers. Some might even argue that we are on the brink of creation of another genre, tentatively titled, cli-fi - climate fiction.

 Arctic Rising

In "Arctic Rising", Tobias S. Buckell starts from the premise that we, as a human race, have continued to be extremely stupid (no surprise there) and ignored all the warning signs of global warming. This ultimately led to the complete melting of the Arctic Ice Cap and subsequent predicted consequences. But despite the situation, big corporations and global superpowers are still not wising up. They are still trying to make a profit, especially now that the massive sub-arctic oil fields have suddenly become available. 

However, do not be confused. “Arctic Rising” is not an environmental manifesto but a full-fledged action thriller Enter super-weapon of mass destruction, overarching corporation and Anika Duncan, pilot working for the United Nations Polar Guard with a grudge to save the planet and as you can imagine, lots of turns and action ensures. Soon enough the fate of the entire worlds hangs in balance and Anika has to do the impossible and somehow turn everything around. One of the main reasons I've enjoyed “Arctic Rising” so much is Anika herself. In her, Tobias has created a perfect female action hero which is, in my eyes, only surpassed by Tara Chase from Greg Rucka's Queen and Country series, but not by a lot. Anika is real, able and intelligent creation.

"Arctic Rising" is so fast that it literary burns through it's 300+ pages at break-necking pace. Without revealing too much of the plot, this Eco-thriller is well worth your time and some of the ideas presented are simply eye opening. Before you know it, you'll be caught in the plot worthy of the greatest James Bond movies so I expect Hollywood will soon give Tobias a call. 

Expect a sleepless night with this exciting read which is just a perfect thing for those cold winter nights.

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