REVIEW : Tom Holt - Doughnut

Over the years Tom Holt has been often compared to Douglas Adams and Terry Prattchett but, if you ask me, for the whole host of wrong reasons. I can clearly see the similarities but if you ask me these similarities are mostly due to the fact that all three of them are excellent intelligent writers who all happen to be very funny. However, when it comes to writing, I think that all three of them are rather unique in their own special way. Tom Holt has definitely grown as a writer over the years and his last couple of books have been such great pleasure to read. I am happy to report that Doughnut is no different. 

Moving away from fantasy that signified most of his writing career Doughnut is more likely to be classified as a science fiction affair (similar to 2011 Blonde Bombshell). Doughnut, as is always the case with Holt books, starts with a rather quirky premise. Theo Bernstein has just lost his job (his job was preventing Very Very Large Hadron Collider from exploding and due to decimal point accident Theo sadly fails destroying Alps in the process), wife and all his money in one huge unlucky sweep. To top it all, his good friend Professor Pieter van Goyen who happens to be successful physicist and novel laureate, has just died. Receiving contents of safety deposit box which include empty bottle and pink powder, Theo finds himself in the unlikeliest position of them all - on a quest to save humanity and find a doughnut. Holt mixes up the storyline with bits of quantum physics and multiple alternate worlds. Results are simply fantastic and I enjoyed every page of this delightful ride, even though at times you might find yourself baffled by all the events that are constantly kicking off.

All in all, Doughnut once again proves that Tom Holt is simply in the league of his own. Well recommended for everyone looking for clever, fun satire and doesn't shy away from using her/his brain.

Doughnut by Tom Holt is available now from Orbit Books.
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