Simon Morden's Arcanum announced! Synopsis and release date unveiled

One of our favourite writers, Simon Morden will have his new book Arcanum released on 12th November, 2013 by Orbit Books. Stepping back from his Metrozone series, Arcanum looks to be more fantasy that science fiction.

Preorder your copy here:
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The Curve of The Earth


Carinthia: a kingdom of great influence, power - and formidable magic.Long has the kingdom of Carinthia relied upon the spells of its Hexmasters to maintain its position of control. The great Prince Gerhard has ruled benignly over a kingdom that's never had to change for a thousand years. But now there are signs that their magic is failing, and the kingdom lies vulnerable to attack from all sides.Some Carinthians would do anything to see the magic return: any act, no matter how terrible, is justified, so long as the Hexmasters can still cast spells to protect their homeland.The kingdom is poised between chaos and order - and the smallest push is the distance between disaster and triumph.
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