Stephen Gregory - The Waking That Kills cover art and synopsis reveal

We are very happy to reveal cover art and synopsis for the upcoming Stephen Gregory book, The Waking That Kills. The book is scheduled to come out on 8th November, 2013.

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The ghosts that haunt us are not always strangers. When his elderly father suffers a stroke, Christopher Beale returns to england. He has no home, no other family. adrift, he answers an advert for a live-in tutor for a teenage boy. The boy is Lawrence Lundy, who possesses the spirit of his father, a military pilot missing, presumed dead. Unable to accept that his father is gone, Lawrence keeps his presence alive, in the big old house, in the overgrown garden. His mother, Juliet Lundy, a fey, scatty widow living on her nerves, keeps the boy at home, away from other children, away from the world. And in the suffocating heat of a long summer, she too is infected by the madness of her son. Christopher Beale becomes entangled in the strange household... enmeshed in the oddness of the boy and his fragile mother.

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