Story behind Dust by Hugh Howey

I came up with the idea for WOOL while watching the news one day. It occurred to me that the world I had seen in my extensive travels was far different from the world I saw projected on this screen, 24 hours a day. I began to wonder what this does to us, only seeing the bad in the world. Does it make us feel confident about the future? Does it inspire us to travel? To see the world for ourselves? And so I came up with a world where humanity lives underground, and all they see of the land around them fills them with fear and despair.
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As DUST releases tomorrow, the theme of the series takes on an even grander scope. What do we see when we gaze at the night sky? What if there are lands out there worth exploring? It would be expensive and time-consuming to try, and so we hardly bother. Instead, we spend our time and resources warring with our own kind, building defenses against our own kind, wasting our intelligence and industry on primal pursuits.
Maybe it's naive to think it could be otherwise. We have millions of years of evolution telling us to fear and hate. We have little time learning to hope. But I think it's possible, that it could happen. I think the world is getting better and better every year. We just have to know this by going out and seeing it for ourselves. And we have to make the world better in whatever small ways we can by setting an example, standing up for injustice, and not simply waiting for progress to come to us, but being the ones to cause it.

Hugh Howey
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